After identifying and defining the main purpose for a product the next step is to tap into our client's thoughts and visions. This is typically approached in a ​three phase design process.

Phase 1 - Conceptual Generation and Ideation.  The first phase sets the foundation and kicks off the creative process. This is achieved by exchanging loose sketch work and reference information to help pinpoint what is to be further developed.  

Phase 2 - Preliminary  3D CAD Development. This phase helps sculpt out the product's function and form as well as further identify the feasibility of the design. 

Phase 3 - Detailed 3D CAD Development. The third phase of the design spiral concludes with a  final 3D model of the product or assembly that adheres to exact specification. In this phase the 3D model can be developed and delivered adequately ready for CNC machining or 3D printing if needed.      


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Stunning CG Renditions  

Give birth to the design​​.   With a detailed 3D CAD model in hand: we can now go to the shop floor. Creating a scaled down or even full size mock-up of the design is critical for ergonomic studies and feeling out the "real-life" dimensions. A prototype can be delivered  in various levels of fit & finish and material types depending on the client's criteria. We collaborate closely with our strategic partner, DesignCreate Fort Lauderdale  in order to produce beautifully functioning  prototypes utilizing a multitude of technologies and skill-set.  With in-house 3 and 5 axis CNC machining ability, 3D printing, and laser engraving: DesignCreate and PBYC strives to produce high-end prototypes and marine grade end user components for short-run to mid level production.             


PBYC firmly believes that new product development and innovation are the absolute core principles for success. With technology moving forward at a rapid pace: it is critical to us that we put our clients on the forefront of the future by analyzing and identifying the ever-changing design & market trends.    


 In many cases, It is very beneficial to test the waters of the market by generating photo realistic renditions of the product "before anything hits the shop floor". This allows one to experiment with color schemes and textures in order to get reactions from their audience. This can be very advantageous in making important design decisions before investing in prototyping or manufacturing.